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Parent Letter 2018/19
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Wednesday, August 22, 2018





August 17, 2018

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We are preparing for a new school year and want to communicate important dates, new staffing, programs, and information for the upcoming 2018/19 school year.

Academically, our school made small gains in math last year with average scale scores equaling the state average, at the HS level. There is room for improvement, but we have brought on an additional math teacher and hope to see more of our students meeting proficiency. In Language Arts, we have made huge gains that need celebrated! 91% of Juniors passed their LA test and 50% exceeded! District Report Cards with specific proficiency information will be posted this fall from the Oregon Dept. of Ed. and we will make them available to you.

We are expanding our advisory period to one period a week. Students will be focusing on character development through the use of a curriculum called Project Wisdom. The program encourages and increases a positive school climate, social-emotional learning, and reduces incidents of discipline. If you would like further information on this new curriculum, please visit For our Seniors, our advisory period will focus on college and career readiness skills, including college and scholarship applications, financial aid, and overall post-secondary education planning.

We are implementing a new resource classroom for our students so that they can access tutoring throughout the day. This space will be overseen by certified teachers, licensed in math and English. We have named this space the Student Success Room. Students will also be able to request to go there if they are upset and need a safe space to calm down. We are encouraging our students to build a foundation of self-advocacy and self-regulation, both important life-skills.

We have a new Special Education Director, Heidi Schafer. She has been a long time employee of the district and has many years of experience. If you have a student with a disability and/or need assistance, please call 503-556-9121 Ex. 260. Heidi Schafer’s email address is

Discipline is another area that we have been working hard on. We have a new Vice Principal, Kim Oblack, with discipline experience. We have hired on an additional Dean of Students for a portion of the day for extra support. We will work to ensure an educational environment that is protected from excess disruptions during class time. Please refer to our handbook if you have questions about rules and regulations at RJSHS. A copy will be given to your student during the first week of school and copies can be found on our web page at

Please emphasize these keys to Academic Achievement with your student:

Accountability and Effort: Students need to learn to be accountable for their own learning. Ask them questions about school. Encourage them to ask for help when they need it. Follow their grades on ParentVue, available through our website. Please remind them about homework and the importance of not falling behind. Students should be reading at least 20 minutes per day to improve their literacy comprehension.

Attendance: Your student’s attendance at school cannot be stressed enough. Research shows that missing 10 percent of the school year, or about 18 days in most school districts, negatively affects a student’s academic performance. That’s just two days a month and that’s known as chronic absence. The academic impact of missing that much school is the same whether the absences are excused or unexcused. Please encourage your students to attend daily and push through challenging days.

Respect: Encourage your students to be respectful of others and follow the rules. We believe that respectful relationships, clear expectations, and structure contributes to a positive school environment that is conducive to learning. The electronics/cell phone policy will be enforced immediately. After an assembly explaining the expectations of cell phone use, if used in the classroom, cell phones will be handed in to the office for the day. On the second offense parents will need to come pick up the cell phone. Please have a conversation with your student about this.

We have many new staff members this year. Please welcome the following individuals to RJSHS.



Kim Oblack                 Vice Principal

Carolyn Feldmann      Math

Annie Hulegaard         Special Education

Dan McKone              PE/Health

Nico Paradis                English, Student Services

Victoria Stuart            English

Candince Trent           Science

Petra Winnwalker       Art

Lloyd Hartley              Library



Monday, August 27th, Registration Day for 7-12 grade


12th                  8-9:00

11th                        9-10:00

10th                        10:15-11:15

CLOSED       11:30-12:00

9th                          12:15-1:15

8th                          1:30-2:30

7th                          2:30-3:00

Come have your picture taken, turn in forms, pay fees, pick up textbooks,

and get locker assigned!   No class schedule changes on this day.


Jump Start Day: 7th Graders, 9th Graders and New Students: Tuesday, Sept. 4, 8:00-2:00

            First Day All Students: Wednesday, September 5th     8:05-3:00

                                                     Late start will start the following week.

            Open House: Monday, Sept. 10, 6:00-7:30


Communication is a huge priority for our school this year. Please contact us if you have any concerns, questions, or contributions you would like to share. Feel free to make an appointment with administrators and/or teachers. Here are a few ways to contact us.

Phone: 503-556-4215 Principal Mr. Blue Ext. 200, Vice-Principal Ms. Oblack Ext. 201


            School website:


App: Blackboard Connect App with alerts. Search for the app RainierSD, download


We look forward to a positive year of learning and growing both academically and emotionally.


Graden Blue, Principal                                                            Kim Oblack, Vice Principal

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